In Their Words : The Story of BC Packers
Seine boat with net set
Seine boat with net set.
City of Richmond Archives 1985 4 2380
Seine boat with net set Seine boat hauling in nets Seine boat with a catch of herring Brailing Fish aboard A Seine boat crew brailing salmon Watch a clip that illustrates seining

"Skiffs and Brailers" - Purse Seining for Salmon

Seine boats encircle schools of fish with large nets.

A small boat called a skiff holds one end of the net in a steady position, while the seine boat encircles the fish, making what is known as a 'set'. A powerful winch on the seine boat deck then draws in the purse line, pulling the bottom of the net into a huge, closed purse, catching the fish and preventing their escape. A large powerful drum then reels the net in close to the seiner where the fish are scooped into the hold with a power operated dipnet called a brailer.

Salmon purse seine nets can be as long as 1320 ft (402 metres) in length and average 50 ft (15 metres) in depth. Seine boats are usually crewed by five to seven fishermen.

Over the years, seiners fishing for B.C. Packers caught mostly sockeye, pink and chum salmon for canning, pilchards and herring for canning and reduction and dogfish for liver oil and reduction.

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