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"Razor Clam and Scrap Fish Bait" - Trapping for Crabs and Prawns

Trap fishermen catch their prey in baited traps set out in lines on the ocean floor.

As the boat moves slowly along the traps are tossed overboard one by one. The traps are usually baited with razor clams to attract crabs and scrap fish to attract prawns. Once the line has had a day or so to attract crabs or prawns, the fisherman uses a mechanical winch called a line hauler to bring up the line of traps. Trap fishermen who do not deliver their fresh catch daily use boats equipped with circulating seawater to keep crabs alive in the hold.

Up to 100 traps may form a line, requiring boats with plenty of deck space.
A float that identifies ownership and the number of traps present marks each line.

Over the years, trap fishermen catching for B.C. Packers primarily provided crab and prawns for the Company's canning, prepared foods and high quality fresh and frozen food departments.

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