In Their Words : The Story of BC Packers
Label for Canyon Brand Canadian Red Salmon
Label for "Canyon Brand Canadian Red Salmon".
City of Richmond Archives, Series 5, sub-series 4, Box 8136, file 2.
Label for Canyon Brand Canadian Red Salmon

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These resource pages have been developed to help teachers get the most out of the web site for themselves and their class. It is predominantly aimed at students in grades 4, 5 and 10 and their teachers but we hope that other groups may also find it useful.

There are three main goals of this web site:

1. To provide an educational online resource that can be used independently by students within the classroom.
2. To provide teachers with an online resource that combines suggested classroom and online activities with background information.
3. To explore the development and impact of BC Packers upon the region’s culturally diverse communities utilizing oral, visual and textual resources.

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