In Their Words : The Story of BC Packers
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Label for White Wings Salmon

Instructional Activities

"Those who do not read and understand history are doomed to repeat it."
Harry Truman

We are fortunate in British Columbia to have a rich heritage with which to teach our children. The B.C. Packers story is one that incorporates history, culture and economy into the fabric of our province.

Their story, our story, begins in 1902 when the B.C. Packers Association purchased some canneries in Steveston. Prior to 1902 canneries in Steveston were owned by the ABC Canning Company, J.H. Todd and Sons and Marshall English.

As you begin your exploration of this site consider the following three questions:

How would British Columbia be different today had we not have had B.C. Packers?
Why was Steveston the hub of action?
Why is it significant for us to study these people and their experiences?

Before beginning work with the site:

• Introduce students to the features and symbols they will encounter as they navigate through the site by directing them to the classroom set-up section under Learning Resources.
• Provide many opportunities for students to read for a variety of purposes. For example: have them read magazines, newspapers, reference materials and visual images.
• Refer to the Bibliography, Glossary and External Links found in the Learning Resources Section to provide background information to you and your students.
• As you watch the introduction and the loading of the site, observe the map as it focuses in on Steveston. What kind of process is that? Why do you think it was done that way? Think about what it might have been like to live in each of the locations shown. Watch the beginning more than once and have students list all that they see in each frame, then share with one or more students. The main page illustrations come from those three images at the beginning. In a group of 4- 6 students, list what you see in the pictures and why these images might have been selected.

Later on in the study invite students to create their own main page for “In Their Words” using images from this site or other archival sites to highlight images they feel are powerful.

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Teachers Guide
This guide provides detailed lesson plans and suggested acitivites organized according to the site's modules
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