In Their Words : The Story of BC Packers
Label for Aviator Brand Salmon
Label for “Aviator Brand Canadian Salmon“.
City of Richmond Archives, Series 5, sub-series 4, Box 8136, file 1.
Label for Aviator Brand Salmon

External Links

The following links are geared specifically to teachers and students wishing to further explore some of the issues discussed on this website.

First Nations

The Musqueam First Nations Website
Information on Musqueam fishing techniques and rights.

BC Aboriginal Fisheries Commission
Information on aboriginal fishing rights.

Canadian Museum of Civilization
Offers a brief description of some of the traditional First Nations fishing techniques.

Immigration in B.C.

Asian Canadian Website
An extensive online resource about Asian ethnic groups in Canada.

The Canadian Encyclopedia
Search this site for detailed information on a variety of ethnic groups and topics related to immigration in B.C.

Multicultural Canada
The Multicultural Canada website features a searchable collection of online primary resources about Canada's multicultural communities.

Richmond Museum
Check this site for information on the Mudflatters education kit available to schools. The kit explores Richmond's diverse pioneer history of agriculture, fishing and community life.

Japanese-Canadian Internment

The Japanese Canadian history website on the internment of Japanese Canadians from 1942 to 1949 and the attainment of redress in 1988.

The Japanese Canadian National Museum.
Check this site for information on materials and visits available to schools.

The University of British Columbia's subject resources for Japanese Canadian internment.

The Richmond Museum
Check this site out for information on the Internment Years education kit available to schools.
Discover the lives of Japanese-Canadians in WWII internment camps and towns of B.C.

West Coast Fishing History and more

Gulf of Georgia Cannery
Gulf of Georgia Cannery's virtual exhibit Telling Our Story. The exhibit explores the history of First Nations, Chinese, European, and Japanese workers in the West Coast fishing industry.

Encyclopedia of British Columbia
Searchable database with detailed information and additional links on BC Packers and canning. Also includes a list of teacher's resources.

West Coast Salmon History
Canadian Fishing Company's (Canfisco's) Gold Seal© brand website. The Wild Salmon Spotlight explores salmon history, biology, and conservation.

Salmon Tales: A Natural Living Heritage
The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre and the Virtual Museum of Canada's website on salmon. An excellent classroom friendly website on a variety of topics related to salmon conservation and biology. Includes lesson plans.

BC Ministry of Education
Link to the Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) for Social Studies in British Columbia.

Artefacts Canada
Link to the Richmond Museum's collection of BC Packers historic artefacts.


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