In Their Words : The Story of BC Packers
George and Tony Capadouca trolling off Ganges
George and Tony Capadouca trolling off Ganges. Circa 1960.
Peter Capadouca Collection.
George and Tony Capadouca trolling off Ganges Stellios Eliades pulling in his gillnet Greek Fishermen removing salmon from gilnets George Capadouca on his boat Georgia Star Ourania Caadouca outside her floating home, Deas Island

Many Greek families have been actively involved in the Province's commercial fishery to the present day. Greek settlers first arrived in British Columbia during the 1850s, drawn by the gold rush. By 1878, John Nicholas Giannaros was the first Greek fisherman to appear on the Fraser River. The Capadouca family settled on in Deas Island in the 1890s and has remained a part of the fishing industry ever since. Vancouver became home to a wave of Greek immigrants arriving from the United States before in World War I. A second and much larger wave arrived from war-torn Greece after in World War II.


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