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Fishing & the Fleet

Fishing & the Fleet - Gillnetting
Fishing & the Fleet - Life as A Fisherman
Fishing & the Fleet - In Their Words
Fishing & the Fleet - Long Lining
Fishing & the Fleet - From Muscles to Motors
Fishing & the Fleet - Purse Seining
Fishing & the Fleet - Trapping
Fishing & the Fleet - Trawling
Fishing & the Fleet - Trolling

Company & Its People

The Company, The People

Chinese - History in the Industry
Chinese - Life at the Cannery
Chinese - Work in the Industry

European - History in the Industry
European - Croatian Contributions to the Industry
European - Greek Contributions to the Industry
European - Work in the Industry

First Nations

First Nations - History in the Industry
First Nations - Life at the Cannery
First Nations - Work in the Industry

Indo-Canadions - Challenges Faced by Indo-Canadians
Indo-Canadions - History in the Industry

Japanese - Early History in the Industry
Japanese - History During the Internment Years of WWII
Japanese - After WWII

Labour Unions

The Locker Room

Canning & Processing

Salmon Canning
Salmon Canning - Butchering Salmon
Salmon Canning - Closing and Sealing the Can
Salmon Canning - Cooking
Salmon Canning- Cutting Salmon to Fit the Can
Salmon Canning - Dangers of the Line
Salmon Canning - Filling the Cans
Salmon Canning - In the Lunchroom and Company Store
Salmon Canning - Rhythm of the Line
Salmon Canning - Unloading Salmon
Salmon Canning - Warehouse and Shipping
Salmon Canning - Washing Salmon
Salmon Canning - Weighing and Patching

Herring Reduction
Herring Reduction - The Bins
Herring Reduction - Cooking and Pressing
Herring Reduction - Drying
Herring Reduction - Evaporation
Herring Reduction - Grinding and Bagging
Herring Reduction - Herring Roe
Herring Reduction - Separating Oil and Water
Herring Reduction - Unloading Herring

Product & Promotion

Learning Resources

Classroom Set-up

Instructional Activities
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